Tools Material Required.




  1. 33 Inches X 8 Inches sheet of 6061 aluminum 1/16Ē thick
  2. Radio Shack 12V LEDís (Green 276-271A, Red 276-270A, Orange 276-272A)
  3. Lighter




  1. Jigsaw with metal cutting blade
  2. Dremel with stone wheel
  3. Compass (Only makes it easier to visualize before you start cutting)
  4. Protractor
  5. #2 Pencil
  6. Black Pointed Permanent marker
  7. Ruler
  8. Masking Tape
  9. Drill
  10. Bench Clamps
  11. Paint stripping wheel
  12. 120 Sandpaper
  13. Palm sander
  14. Safety glassís
  15. Breathing Mask
  16. Drill Press (You could probably use a hand drill but this is easier)
  17. Hole Saws (You could probably use the jigsaw but this is easier)
    1. 3 3/8Ē
    2. hole saw same as cigarette lighterĒ
  18. Metal Brake (You can manually bend the metal but this is easier)
  19. Cutting Lubricant (WD40 or something similar)
  20. 9/32 LED drill bit




Where to get your tools? I guess the hardest thing to find is a cheap Metal brake that will work. Pretty much everything else you should be able to get locally around you. Harbor Freight sells small metal brakes for a good price. Otherwise you can try to rig something of your own to bend the metal. Iím not affiliated with HF but thatís where mine came from. Iíve seen them on eBay for decent prices as well.