Template Cut-out Instructions:





Printing the template


  1. Download the template 7078_bezel.pdf or here (Email me if you have problems accessing the file.)
  2. Print all 3 pages. The thicker the paper (8.5”x11” card stock for example) the easier it is going to be to work with.  Use a light colored card stock. The template print is light.


    1. When printing make sure that the printer setup is set for 0 page scaling.


  1. You will notice on each page there are 2” hash marks from the edge of the page. After you print the page make sure you measure 2” from the edge of the paper to that mark. It doesn’t have to be machinist perfect but it will be very close. Sometime the paper in the printer doesn’t align properly and it will throw off the 2” mark. This is important for get the proper bezel shape.


  1. Align the pages together. The shorter end of the bezel goes to the right when looking at the bezel head on. Turn the drawing over.


  1. Tape each page together on the back of the drawing. ALIGN THE PAGE AS PERFECT AS YOU CAN!!!!
  2. Flip it back. Looking at the drawing you will notice the lines don’t connect on the edges of the paper. You can draw straight lines across to fill those in. The bezel template is marked with a line on one page and a line on the other page. Between those two marks are a straight line. This holds true even after you cut the bezel out. No matter how wigley your template is between those points you can cut a straight line between them.  You don’t have to draw the line between the points, its just easier to visualize. The line doesn’t have to be perfect. The perfection comes in when you transpose the marks to the actual metal.


  1. The carrot marks annotate where the bezel bend marks are. Draw a line from top to bottom of those marks.


  1. Double check the bezel was printed out properly and everything looks good. Measure from top to bottom the following. Your measurements should be close.
    1. 5  7/16” Left bend
    2. 5  1/2"  Left part of half moon to top
    3. 5  1/2"  Right bend
  2. Before cutting add some more tape on the back strictly on the inside of the template to make the paper stronger.
  3. Before cutting extend straightline marks onto the inside portion of the bezel. Otherwise, you will loose these after your cut off the excess paper.
  4. You are now ready to cut out the template. When cutting the most important areas are the edges and the small spaces by the bend carrot marks. Cut and follow as straight, steady, even, and following the contour the best you can. If you mess up, Start Over. The template is where everything will follow from. Remember to stay on the lines. The inside clear part is the actual template. You should not see any outline marks when you are finished cutting. Cut SLOW for better accuracy. When its done is should look like a panel.